Friday, March 12, 2010

Horrible Blogger

Yep thats me. A horrible blogger. I've noticed in the few times I've tried to do this whole "blog" thing my resolution to blog follows with my resolution to lose weight, when I'm not trying at losing weight, I don't pay attention to keeping track, blogging etc.

I hit a huge goal today when I WI. I've been fighting for almost a year now to get below 200 lbs. Not always fighting as hard as I should be, but fighting. Getting down to 201 and then going back up again to 205/206, getting down and going up etc etc etc. I finally broke through the 200 mark today stepping on the scale to see 198.2 lbs!

I'm feeling very in control and program right now. I'm in the exercise groove, I'm in the healthy eating groove and I think this is the motivation I needed to keep it up. 200 was a huge mental block for me, but now seeing that getting below 200 is possible, well the skies the limit :)

In other news, after reading about the wonder that is Greek yogurt on other Halifax healthy living blogs, I broke down and bought some when I saw it at Sobeys yesterday. OMG! I'm a huge sour cream fan, like, could eat it with a spoon like yogurt, but I don't because that doesn't seem right, nor does Sour Cream have very many good nutrients or vitamins in it. Greek yogurt on the other hand, is packed full of protein, low in fat and has lots of good nutrients in it...and it tastes very much like full fat sour cream. I'm in love!

Its expensive for how much you get, so I'm sad to say that I don't think my grocery bill will ever be the same going forward. But yum!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Goulish Evening

Halloween weekend was fantastic! I think it was definitely helped along by the fact that for FH, Halloween is his Christmas. He goes nutty every October. When we finally own a house, I'm sure we'll be the crazy house with all the decorations. He's just a big kid thats all!

It's been a long and tough week with some bad news for FH on the employment front (boo to continued unemployment) so we decided on Friday to take the evening and spend some quality time together! DATE NIGHT!

We created a picnic in our living room of nibbly goodness. Far far to much cheese and bread was eaten, but it was fabulous. And in honor of the candyrific holiday ahead of us, we watched the Tim Burton version of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Our Spread...Wine of course:

Bread, cheese, appies, almonds, sarrento ham, hummus and peppers:

It was a great evening.

Last night we headed out to a friends place for a Halloween Themed murder mystery party - "Who Killed Elvis!?" As FH and I were the only couple at the party who are engaged, we got to be Frankenstein and his Bride.

Because FH is Halloween obsessed, we also went to get his makeup done professionally...



Hope everyone else had a goulish halloween!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bad blogger...

Yep, thats me. A bad blogger. I've had a few ideas for blog posts over the past month and a half...however never got around to creating any of them. I even took pictures and everything. Since I'm currently not at home with access to these pictures, perhaps Sunday will be a "What We've done in the past 1.5 months" post. We shall see.

That being said - I popped in as today was a good morning. WI this morning and was down 3lbs! Finally almost below 200 for the first time in over a year and a half. 15 more to go to reach my Christmas Goal and finally let myself go wedding dress shopping! Hurrah.